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Edmond Surface Tile Examination Attorneys

Assisting Oklahoma Clients in Real Estate Transactions

In Oklahoma, a typical real estate transaction is facilitated by a title and/or closing company that is chosen by the parties. As part of this transaction, an attorney will examine a certified abstract of title and render an attorney’s Title Opinion which identifies the surface owners of the property and any lienholders or other parties that might be encumbering or clouding title. The buyer and lender to a transaction may each opt to purchase a policy of title insurance based on that attorney's opinion. In other cases, parties will forego title insurance and rely only on that Attorney’s Opinion. Whether you are a lender, buyer, investor, or title insurance agent, you want to rely on title attorneys with experience you can trust.

Our Edmond surface title examination lawyers at Gossen and Schaller, PLLC have devoted much of their experience and resources to these types of transactions. Attorneys Ryan Schaller and Alee Gossen are equipped to handle surface title examinations for insurers, lenders, and purchasers, and their prompt, efficient, and accurate services have made their services known throughout Oklahoma.

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Our Background

Beginning with rendering loan opinions for rural lenders and continuing through his time at First American and Munson & McMillin, Attorney Ryan Schaller has spent his entire legal career focusing on surface title. In addition to standard residential and commercial attorney opinions, Ryan has read titles for a number of special projects, including condemnation and purchase opinions for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Turnpike expansion project, property owned by St. Gregory’s University following its dissolution as a university, and an expansion to the Enid airport.

Ryan is experienced and comfortable with the use of digital abstracts and reading titles to allotted Native American lands. In addition to this experience, Ryan has served as an active member of the Oklahoma Title Examination Standards Committee for many years.

Under his guidance, Attorney Alee Gossen can assist clients with their surface title cases. Alee has dedicated her career to providing clear, and timely counsel to clients in need of a trustworthy guide during the estate planning and title examination process. Her unique ability to translate complicated legal matters into workable strategies makes her a valuable asset to our firm and the ideal partner to Attorney Schaller during these tedious cases.

Our Surface Title Examination Services

Ryan and Alee complete all title opinions for their customers within 48 hours of receiving title evidence. Having rendered title opinions in more than 70 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, Ryan and Alee are familiar with how underwriting standards can change from one part of the state to another, and always works with their title insurance agent clients to tailor their exams to the local concerns of their clients.

Our Edmond surface title examination attorneys have experience rendering the following types of opinions:

  • Surface Attorney Title Opinions for Title Insurance, Lenders, and Purchasers
  • Title Opinions for the reinstatement of Mobile Home vehicle title
  • Foreclosure and Condemnation Opinions
  • Zoning Opinions
  • Opinion Letters of Borrower’s Counsel

Ryan is also available to be retained by Title Insurers and Agents to provide underwriting and title, curative counsel. He is committed to swift, accurate service and is ready to offer his experience to assist you. Alee is not only under Attorney Schaller’s guidance on these cases, but also leads many of our firm’s estate planning cases. With easy-to-understand legal counsel, Attorney Gossen can help you turn your goals into reality.

Hire our surface examination attorneys with confidence by retaining the services of Ryan Schallerand Alee Gossen at Gossen and Schaller, PLLC. Contact us onlineor call (405) 267-9921today.

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