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Filing your taxes without any conflicts can be intimidating on its own, even with the help of semi-automated, do-it-yourself software. Congress regularly amends and adds rules to the current tax code, and your financial situation constantly changes, meaning no two filing seasons are alike.

The federal tax code was originally only 400 pages, but today, it has ballooned to more than 74,600 pages! You cannot reasonably be expected to read all of the code’s details, many of which are written with impenetrable financial jargon, and even helpful online websites and other tools that help you file can be confusing. Mistakes and misunderstandings are human, but they can lead to conflicts with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the federal American agency that handles tax affairs.

When you experience a problem with the IRS, you should not attempt to resolve the problem on your own. You need our Edmond tax law lawyer at Gossen and Schaller, PLLC on your side. Our legal team stays current with all tax law changes and has a full understanding of how the IRS has historically applied tax law. Getting skilled representation is vital when being audited, arguing a dispute in tax court, or negotiating payment terms with the IRS.

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Why Audits Happen and What You Should Do

Nobody plans to be audited. While taxes are a pain, everyone acknowledges they are a fact of life and something we should take seriously. You might make every effort to dutifully review your income, expenses, deductions, and taxes paid, submit them correctly – to the best of your knowledge – and hope you are done until next year. Unfortunately, even the best intentions can still result in you receiving that giant envelope from the IRS announcing an audit.

How Do Audits Begin?

Audits generally begin when the IRS asks for documents and other information supporting your tax returns. While you are thinking that there is nothing wrong with your information, the IRS and State will use what you submitted, or information they believe to be missing, to disallow your expenses. When an expense is disallowed, it adjusts the income from that particular year’s income tax returns, which creates tax debt dating back to the year of the relevant tax return, compounded with penalties and interest over the time period that has passed. In layman’s terms, the IRS disagrees on one or more expenses or believes income is missing, which triggers a chain reaction that alters your final income and potentially what you ultimately owe.

Why Do Audits Happen?

You have not necessarily done anything wrong, even if you receive an audit, but you will have to respond. The IRS is a human run by agencies, and just as you can make mistakes on your tax return, they can, too. This is why you need our Edmond tax lawyer to help ensure your rights are protected in any audit. A tax professional will ensure that your information is well-presented and thoroughly explained to fight for your rights. Should the IRS issue a letter of deficiency, your tax lawyer can file an official tax court petition on your behalf.

What To Do If I Am Being Audited?

If you are being audited, seek legal representation as soon as possible. Your attorney can inform you of your rights and protect you from having potentially thousands of dollars or more added to your tax bill. Your audit representative will fight for your rights and ensure you are treated fairly. Even if you have made one or more critical mistakes or omissions on your tax filing, we can work to minimize consequences and protect you as much as possible.

Why You Need Legal Representation for Cases in Tax Court

Tax Court is very different from your local court. While Tax court is based out of Washington D.C, the Tax Court judges travel to 75 cities across the country where its cases are held periodically. You only have two opportunities to have your case heard in Tax Court, once in spring and another in fall. Tax Court is a complex, specialized arm of the judicial system, and while you are technically permitted to, it is not recommended you attempt to represent yourself when arguing your case.

If you are pursuing a case in Tax Court, it is more than likely the results could be serious to your financial future and should not be taken lightly. You are likely to have far better odds of a successful outcome by hiring our experienced Edmond tax law attorney, who understands how Tax Court functions and how best to represent you.

Whether you need assistance with an audit or representation in Tax Court, our team at Gossen and Schaller, PLLC is ready to assist you. Call (405) 267-9921 or contact us online to request a consultation.

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