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Landlord-tenant disputes can quickly become ugly. On one side, you have a person or family renting a property that has become their home. On the other side, you have an individual or business who is working to protect their investment through a mutual rental agreement. No one in this relationship wants to become embroiled in a protracted conflict, but the financial nature of the landlord-tenant relationship can sometimes result in problems requiring more than simple mediation.

How We Can Help

Our Edmond landlord-tenant dispute lawyers at Gossen and Schaller, PLLC can assist landlords, tenants, and commercial real estate clients in resolving problems through effective and efficient legal solutions.

We are compassionate to the stakes all parties have in a given property and work to make navigating a conflict as painless as reasonably possible. If you are experiencing a landlord-tenant problem that cannot be easily resolved, our team can walk you through your legal options, draw upon our years of experience to advise you on the best course of action, and represent you in any necessary court proceedings.

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Our Landlord-Tenant Dispute Services

Landlords, tenants, and commercial tenants tend to experience different sorts of problems. Landlords are generally most concerned about the reliable income associated with a property and its long-term upkeep. Tenants are typically focused on avoiding eviction, controlling costs, and maintenance in their unit. Commercial tenants often want to ensure their lease is consistent with their long-term goals. We are able to assist in all three of these categories.

Some of the tenant-based disputes we can assist you with include:

  • Eviction defense – if your landlord is attempting to unlawfully evict you, we can represent you in eviction court and fight to keep you in your home as long as possible
  • Habitability problems – if your landlord refuses to conduct essential maintenance that renders your unit unhabitable, they are acting unlawfully, and we can help compel timely repairs; this can include pest infestations, mold, and major leaks
  • Unlawful or improper rent increase – if your landlord is attempting to raise your rent in violation of rent stabilization protections or does not give you the proper notice, we can help defend you
  • Withheld security deposits – if you are in the process of moving out of a home, there are specific rules and timelines governing when a landlord must conduct inspections and return what you are owed; we can help ensure your deposit is returned in accordance with the law
  • Landlord harassment – if your landlord is engaging in some form of intimidation, we can take legal action to force them to cease and, in some situations, potentially collect damages

Landlord-based disputes we can assist you with include:

  • Refusal to pay rent – if a tenant is refusing or unable to pay rent, we can advise you on the steps you are permitted to take, up to and including eviction proceedings
  • Refusal to vacate in an eviction – if a tenant refuses to vacate despite an eviction, we can help you avoid a forcible removal, which often comes with spiteful damage to the property, through legal negotiations with the occupants
  • Rent increases – rent stabilization and other Oklahoma laws govern when and by how much landlords can increase rent; we can advise on how these rules impact your properties and the schedules by which you are permitted to increase rent
  • Damage to property – sometimes a tenant can cause significant damage to property but falsely claims you are responsible for making repairs, including omitting any deductions from their security deposit; we can advise on what upkeep you are responsible for and what can be legally deducted from a deposit
  • Tax planning and asset protection – we can review all paperwork and legal agreements associated with a property and help you strategize for the long-term future of your investment

Additionally, our Edmond landlord-tenant dispute attorneys can assist commercial tenants. We are able to review commercial leases to ensure their space is secured for long-term business plans.

Both of our partner attorneys have significant experience with landlord-tenant disputes across all of the above categories. Attorney Alee Glossen has been specifically handling landlord/tenant issues for more than 6 years. She has helped numerous clients resolve their landlord tenant problems through productive, efficient legal solutions and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. Attorney Ryan Schaller focuses in work with real estate clients to structure their lease agreements to provide security and confidence in the event a landlord-tenant relationship sours.

No matter what sort of landlord-tenant dispute you are facing, our Edmond landlord-tenant dispute lawyers can help. Call (405) 267-9921 or contact us online today.

“You really took the time to understand our family needs and situation. Your advice was easy to understand and the process was so simple that it helped ease our anxiety.”

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