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Building a Secure Future for Children in Need

Children in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services are likely experiencing one of the most turbulent, frightening periods of their lives. Children become under the jurisdiction of the department because their parents made poor choices and were not able to appropriately care for them, leaving their kids in a terrifying state of transition through no fault of their own. These children deserve a bright, sustainable, and secure future.

Our Edmond juvenile lawyer at Gossen and Schaller, PLLC is committed to helping children navigate tumultuous situations and find them a home that will protect them long-term. This effort is led by one of our partner attorneys, Alee Gossen, who is a long-time volunteer for Oklahoma Lawyers for Children. She represents some of the most vulnerable Oklahomans as both a Child’s Attorney, advocating for the expressed interests of the child, and as a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for the best interests of the child.

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Juvenile Services We Offer

Our child clients are among our favorites to work with thanks to their shiny, enduring optimism and the arresting positions they tend to present to the court. (Children have formally acknowledged their desire to live at LEGO Land or have ice cream for breakfast, for example). Attorney Alee Gossen was raised by two teachers, and for many years considered pursuing a career in education. She instead sought a career in law after submitting a demanding letter to the tooth fairy seeking interest for a late payment, but she always maintained her love of helping children. Representing children gives Alee the opportunity to work with children in the area where she shines best: the law.

Our Edmond juvenile attorney represents private clients in several areas, including:

  • Adoptions – we can help prepare a child and assist you through Oklahoma’s adoption process as efficiently and painlessly as possible
  • Guardianships – in situations where a minor child loses their parents, or the parents are not in a position to continue their care, we can assist you through Oklahoma’s guardianship process to find a suitable guardian for the child in both the short- and long-term
  • Guardian ad Litem – in some cases where disputes are involved and the child’s wellbeing is brought into question, we can serve as the legal representation advocating for the child’s best interests

Our team at Gossen and Schaller, PPLC is prepared to do everything to champion the rights and interests of vulnerable children. We are passionate about practicing in this issue and put the health and needs of the child first, every time.

If you have questions or believe you may need the services of our juvenile lawyer, contact us online or call (405) 267-9921 to request a consultation.

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