3/13/2020 Oklahoma Legislative Update for Title and Real Property

Bills must have passed their chamber of origin (i.e. House bills pass the House, Senate bills pass the Senate) by the end of March 12, 2020. If a super majority of Oklahoma legislators want to find some way to revive something that has died, there are rare instances when a bill may come back, but as a general rule, if it hasn’t passed out of the chamber by origin yet: it’s dead. This report is based off the information available on the Oklahoma Legislature’s website as of the morning of March 13, 2020.

You can download the report here:

Version 2.

”Title Stricken” is what can happen when the House or Senate want to get a bill passed before a deadline, but can’t agree on specifics. Removing the title guarantees that if the other chamber passes the bill, it must return to the chamber of origin to have it’s title restored. This means the full House or Senate will have to vote on the bill again if it passes the opposite chamber.